Hi Guys! Welcome to my blog!:D

Dearest readers,

I started this blog with the love of penning down my thoughts during my free time. I do actually love to read other people’s blogs as well because some are just so inspiring and ‘relatable’. Some of my favourite bloggers include ‘Jemimah Wei’…(actually, I think that I only read her blogs so far, hehe..). All in all, I love to read travel blogs and ‘thoughtposts’ the most, because firstly, I love to travel, and secondly, I like to think a lot and would wonder if other people would think as similar as me.

I’ll probably be concentrating on writing short-questions blogs, for now, so that I can keep my mind active/thinking about what do I want to write about in the future. My Grammar and  Vocabulary may not be of ‘top notch quality’ but still, I want a blog that I can read from time to time, when I feel stress/inspired with life.

Thank you!


Li Li name


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