Hello lovely readers!

I have decided to blog about my trip to Hong Kong today :3, if you are unsure of where to visit in Hong Kong, hopefully after reading this blog, you will gain some inspirations!

For this HK trip, I went with my mom and my sis. We used the Wego app to book our hotel stays and flights to Hong Kong and the hotel we stayed in was Royal Plaza Hotel. The total price for 4 nights were around S$996++/room. It was actually at a cheaper rate if you stayed during Sundays and Mondays, like there’s around a S$50 difference in price.

For our flight, we took Cathay Pacifics and the total amount paid for the round trip was around S$751++ for 3 pax. (Pretty cheap right!) (Basically Wego is like an intermediary where it collates and filters almost all the best and cheapest airlines and hotel rates, so it is a MUST TRY! hehehe I’ll try Skyscanner or other upcoming ones in the future!)

Okay so dadada… Reaching Changi Airport and took some pics here and there:


My flight meal: pork rice with gravy(not very spicy), fruits and haggen daaz strawberry ice cream (ice cream photo not taken because it was served later xp)


My sis’ meal: Braised beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables


DAY 1, 15 APRIL 2016

Touched down at Hong Kong International Airport and we headed on to buy the airport express train tickets to the Hong Kong mainland station.(Note: This is not the Octopus Card yet!) Apparently, there are different packages of the card: Let’s say that you are travelling in a group of 3, you can save around 60HKD if you bought your tickets from the front-line counter instead of the self-service kiosk, so total price we paid was 210HKD. (if not it’ll be 270HKD) 🙂

Here are some pictures first:


Toilet sign hehe


This is the group of 3 people express card promo(don’t worry, the staff will recommend you which package to choose, just tell him/her which hotel you’ll be staying at):


The express train stops at different stops like: AsiaWorld Expo, Tsing Yi and Kowloon



Here was a brochure of the various (complimentary=free:))))shuttle bus routes to different hotels in Hong Kong, and ours was K5.







From Kowloon stop, we took the bus to our hotel, checked in and packed a bit. Royal Plaza Hotel is a 5-star hotel and the interiors are well-facilitated: hairdryers, towels, safe box, free-wifi. Furthermore, it was just one walk away from the Mongkok East MTR station which made travelling easier! Anyways, we were contented and satisfied :).

Here are some photos:




The hotel pastry shop (look at the cakes!:DD)


Isn’t this cool?! huheuheuheue

Moving to our room..!


Okay.. only the beds hahaha

This is from the mall JUST next to the hotel! Pretty but pricey (Around $10/cup) llaollao is just as good c:


Mongkok East Mtr




Around 5+pm, we moved on to the famous One Dim Sum that everyone has been raving about because of their cheap and good Dim Sum. Hmmm.. It was pretty affordable compared to other Dim Sum in Singapore (Like Crystal Jade and Din Tai Fung). Furthermore, we ordered a total of 5-7 dishes and it only cost us 117HKD (S$20+). According to reviews that I have read online, steamed beef balls, chicken soup and deep-fried sesame balls are a must-try. (but sadly, they do not sell egg tarts :c)


Our order list:


Siew Mai 🙂


Chicken soup, chee cheong fun, steamed beef balls and I can’t remember the last one.. steamed rolled beancurd skin with some filling (you can check my order slip as shown above, but it tasted alright only..:p)


THIS IS MY FAVORITE! (Tastes ESPECIALLY GOOD if you’re hungry! because it was super sweet!) Basically I have a sweet tooth so I have a soft spot for desserts like this:) anyway, this tasted like ‘sha kae ma’, not sure if you tried this before, but is deep fried dough with honey and they added this ‘sprinkles'(I’m not sure what is it, but tasted super good!)

3 big pieces! WOOHOOOO


And lastly… sesame balls! They have the chewy exterior dough that complements with the sesame seeds and inside is the gooey sesame paste (Best eaten HOT HOT)


Hong Kong, 旺角運動場道15號京華大廈地舖1-2號
Nearest Mtr: Prince Edward (Exit A)

Oyea, most of the cha chaan tengs include a compulsory drink (Eg: Chinese tea) per person in the bill, so yeah(don’t be surprised:)).

After filling up our tummies, we went on exploring nearby streets and found Fa Yuen Street where many little stalls were set up along the road. (Do not worry about where to go because there will be many small shops selling clothes, tidbits along the streets and you’ll always find something new along the way, MTR will not be far from your sight either Hakuna matata:D)

Ehh.. Fa Yuen Street is something like Bugis Street in Singapore, clothes, hats, pyjamas, phone covers and bags were sold. There were not many food stalls there, so do not expect there to be a food haven!)


Fa Yuen Street (I didn’t manage to snap photos here, my bad.)


I am glad to say that some shops sell good quality clothes and prices are still agreeable because you pay for what you get right? Bought a few pieces of clothing, socks and a phone cover from there. Oh and one tip is that the Octopus card can be used for other purposes besides transportation like buying stuffs from 7-eleven, MacDonalds and a few other restaurants too! (DO REMEMBER to refund your Octopus Card for the money stored inside!!)

Hehe so this pretty much sums up our day 1 and will look forward to day 2! Leggo!

Day 2, 16/4/16

Really sorry readers.. Because at the end of 1st day I was already very tired of walking and for the rest of the days, I didn’t managed to record down where we went, but from these pictures, I’ll try to recall again!:)

From the mall next to our hotel, the tidbit shop: Eng Wah Cafe?(Tasted not bad, but don’t have the freshly-baked-and-hot-from-the-oven feeling)


Made our way to Australia Dairy Company for breakfast, their stall is famous for the scrambled eggs and steamed egg pudding!(A MUST TRY FOR THE PUDDING 10/10 NO REGRETS) But… because we went on a Saturday, the queue was very long and we didn’t managed to eat it:(…(Oh! you can order takeaways at the right side, but I realised the more popular/crowded a food store aka cha chaan teng in HK is, the staff tend to be more hostile towards you (Eg: Scolding you for placing orders more than once), but who cares when you can have good food:)


47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong
澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Company
Nearest Mtr: Jordan (Exit C2)

So we settled for this store nearby instead! Although there were no crowd, staff were friendly and food was great too!

A MUST to try fish ball noodles or braised beef brisket noodles in HK!! I love how most of HK’s lemon tea have so many lemons like maybe 3-4 slices, but sugar syrup added is very high alsoD;, so in the end, it’s still very sweet!



Afterwards, we proceeded to Tsim Sha Tsui area and just shop around. Recommend your to go TST when you have no plans for the day because of the wide variety of shopping malls and street stalls at that area. Thumbs up!

Nice peonies:) (Ps: I love pretty flowers:D)



Rest of the pics c:








Singapore’s Nunsaram bingsu is still better(bigger portion also heheh)




Sweet potato latte:) (not very sweet but warm and smooth)


Love this mall! If I’m correct, is Harbour City Mall? Idk, but this is Japan paradise for me. All the different pastry shops there!!



Matcha ice-cream/tea and chocolate cream puff!!=3=


This place is 1881 heritage, where all the luxury goods are parked here. We’re just here for photos though!



Cute mother c:


Back to our hotel: Remember I mentioned about the ice cream shop@ the mall near our hotel? (Conclusion: I will not buy it for $10+ again) If I’m correct, this is the vanilla flavor, paired with osmanthus jelly, strawberry stick and a honey drizzle biscuit.


But the tarts at our hotel lobby is a MUST TRY! Especially the CHEESE and CHOCOLATE flavored tarts! Yummmm


After our nap, we head on to Central to have our dinner! (But this was the best place we could find, because the rest were all international food that can be found back home too:( )

Zha Jiang Mian (I have no idea how is this Zha Jiang Mian though, because it was supposed to be minced pork with brown gravy noodles?) Hong Kong style maybe.. hmm


Yup, Wonton Noodles again:)


Tomato Beef Rice Soup! (Heard that tomato soup with noodles/rice is quite famous in HK so I decided to give it a go! But the tomatoes soup taste was really overwhelming, is like eating tomato sauce with water and a bit of the chicken stock)


And yeah! We just walked around Lan Kwai Fong and head back to the hotel:) Overall, day 2 was quite disappointing because 1st: We didn’t managed to eat at ADC, 2nd: We couldn’t find Tai Cheung Bakery and some other places like YardBird, etc along the same street because we had a hard time navigating, 3rd: We couldn’t find any roast goose :(, lastly, dinner did not meet our expectations either because of the price and average food~ Do note that Central area will not have a lot of local food store but more on international food like: KBBQ, Japanese, Western cuisines.

Day 3, 17/4/16

Day 3 turned the tables for us because unlike day 2, it’s a day without disappointments! hehhe you’ll know why after seeing the pics!

Breakfast @Kam Wah cafe! Super crowded and the staff there can be quite (ahem…very) rude to you but like I said, food still overcome everything hehe! (Try your best to order all at one shot, if not the staffs may not cater to your requests)–> that’s what happened to my mom (our Cantonese translator)

Anyway, 2 hot milk tea and ice lemon tea:)


One Char Siew Polo (May contain bones) and Plain Polo with butter buns. Personally, I feel that traditional Polo butter buns are the best!  Crispy and buttery~~ Sadly, our Polo toast didn’t come:(


Takeaway their egg tarts as well!


47 Bute St, Hong Kong
Kam Wah Cafe
Nearest MTR: Prince Edward (Exit B2)

Just a few stalls away, we found the ‘Gui Ling Gao’ store! (not sure what’s the proper name but the stall is known for their herbal jelly) HK have a few stores like these but this store didn’t sell the sesame bean paste and almond paste we were looking for, so we just settled with this herbal jelly. How to recognize this kind of stall: there will be a big golden/bronze colored pot(?) placed on the table and many antique writings (which are the names of the food items, I guess)


Nearing Ladies Market..


Found another dessert shop along the way




Look at their happy faces:D



We found the goose! (duck and chicken!) hehe I mean we were looking forward to this before coming to HK^^ (if I’m correct, is near Bute Street, Mongkok East/Mongkok Station area)


DimDim Sum is also next to the shop! Wow! Now you’re spoiled for choices (but there’s only 2:p)


One packet was around S$6++ so it was quite cheap, furthermore, it is one FULL pack! Satisfied. (we bought 2 packs and shared it among the 3 of us)


Walk and eat again (dinner!)


Soup was super bland:p Overall, so-so


Heading on to Causeway Bay Station. My sis bought a duck salad wrap near the MTR station and it tasted super good the sauce and ingredients complemented each other. Paid around S$7 for this:


Ever heard of Dazzling Cafe? Singapore has one branch at Raffles Place and Hong Kong has it too! But we didn’t go there, instead we settled it at this place called TeaWood Cafe, similar to Dazzling Cafe because they have toasts and cakes! And it should be a bit cheaper compared to Dazzling Cafe, so why not?


HOHOHO… Beef noodles:)))


Strawberry Honey Toast, my fav!


Hotel=Bed time. Goodnight!

Day 4, 18/4/16

Went back to DimDim Sum for breakfast! The 3 little pigs are custard buns:) (the eyes are quite scary…)




Famous HK-style milk tea


Lunch time@Tai Hing!




Condensed milk toast!


Times Square@Causeway Bay



-End of Day 4-

Day 5, 19/4/16

Last day, huhu~:( but our stomachs were very full already xD

We found the dessert store!! Ordered black sesame paste, almond paste, Gui Ling Gao and some dessert(watermelon and mango ice with rice noodle) that tasted alright only.



Hoho! Macdonald’s Taro Pie :9


Alright! This marks the end of our Hong Kong trip! We had lots of food from this trip and hope it gives you an idea of where to visit in Hong Kong! We didn’t go for sight-seeing (Victoria Peak, The Stars Avenue) this time round because we went before. Ciao!

PS: Feel free to share and comment on your experiences for your travels as well! 😀


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