Daily Prompt: Confused

Waking up everyday with so many things in mind
But I can only take one step at a time
To finish the tasks I am supposed to finish
Before my dateline is complete

Recently I have passed by a website. It basically acts as an intermediary between customers and entrepreneur bakers. Well, I have an interest in baking since young and I started since I was Primary 3 where I baked my very first chocolate cake. But.. I started to lose interest in baking as I grew older.

I am sure we all have this feeling when we are growing up – Finding yourself. Why is this important to me? It gives me confidence, that I would not live ‘other’ people lives but my very own, my own story. When people ask you: ‘So what do you want to do when you grow up?’, ‘What’s your passion?’, I do not want to tell them easily yet of what I want to achieve. Because just words are useless, if I can prove it with my action, why not? There are many things that I want to do and explore, sometimes it is confusing and frustrating of whether the things I am doing is worth my time or am I just wasting it? All I can say is, before you say ‘I am giving up’ or ‘I am wasting my time’, think carefully of why you started in the first place, and choose to move on from there, or take a different/similar route.

Seeing this company pop out have woken the inner child that I have not lost. I pray that I will not give up until I can get to the place I want.


Li Li name.jpg


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