Malaysia JB Bukit Indah (1 Day Trip)

Dear readers

Today’s blog will be for those who wish to eat and shop in JB (Johor Bahru) for a day, especially those families with young children! Without further ado…

Alight at Jurong East Mrt Station and walk over to the bus interchange area, where you’ll see a CW yellow sign board and just start to queue for the bus as per normal. Be prepared to pay S$4/pax for the bus ticket when the bus comes, the uncle in charge will collect from you. (The uncles will likely to wear yellow shirts as well) And off you go.

The Causeway bus (CW3) looks something like this:

Credits: Owner of this photo

Image result for jurong east mrt bus causeway jb

You’ll arrive at the Singapore Immigration shortly at the Tuas Checkpoint, and just present your passports as per normal. After going out of the checkpoint, head to your right, where almost everyone is heading and you can see the bus stop sign (which is yellow, and stands for Causeway(CW), yellow bus), and just start queuing again to head to the JB Custom.

Dadada.. Again, just take one last bus to Bukit Indah. The bus stop sign you can see is ‘LARKIN‘, that’s what you’re looking for and queue for that line. (It basically means that Larkin is the last station). Alight the bus when you can see AEON shopping mall on your left and just start shopping away!

Credits: Owner of this photo (AEON Shopping centre)

Image result for aeon shopping mall bukit indah

There is a lot of food way affordable and cheaper compared to Singapore, due to the exchange rates, and this is what me and my family have dined at yesterday!

(MAPO Ramen (the BEST!), Ebi Tempura, Gyoza, Ramen and Curry Set, Ice Matcha Latte)

(Dessert: Tiramisu and Creme Brulee)



(Bought Auntie Anne’s Cheese Pretzel Nuggets! My Favourite)


(Dinner: Nasi Lemak, Char Kuay Teow & Duck Steamed Rice)




Till next time! xx




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